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Children's Dental Services

Children's Dental Services, Halifax Dentist

Regular dental health care is just as important for children as it is for adults. Our Robie Street Dental Centre dentists off services tailored to meet Halifax kids' oral health needs and to keep their smiles healthy and happy.

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Children's Dental Services, Halifax Dentist

Early Positive Dental Experiences

At Robie Street Dental Centre, we are dedicated to helping your child feel at ease during their dental appointment so they can maintain good oral health both today and throughout the rest of their life. 

We offer a wide range of dental services for children and their developing smiles in Halifax and are committed to providing your kid with a positive and welcoming dental experience. 

We realize that going to the dentist can be an intimidating experience, so we strive to keep the environment calm, friendly and inviting. We will work at your child's pace, take breaks if they get overwhelmed, and explain each step of the process. 

Your Child's First Visit

Babies should generally be seen by a dentist at around 6 months old, or by their first birthday, at minimum. By this time, your child's first teeth, also known as primary teeth, are starting to erupt. It is a key time to spot problems before they become more serious. 

Dental Services for Kids

At Robie Street Dental Centre, our services can be tailored to meet your child's oral health needs, and keep their smile healthy.

Preventive Dental Hygiene

By visiting your dentist for regularly schedule routine dental checkups when your child is young, you will help to preserve their primary teeth until they are ready to fall out naturally.

During each appointment, our dentists will review proper oral hygiene techniques with your child to make sure their teeth and gums are getting the proper care at home too.

Restorative Dental Services

If your child is at risk for tooth decay, is experiencing a misalignment in their teeth or develops a cavity, our dentists may also advise restorative treatments like fillings or mouth guards to help keep them in good health 

Children's Dental Services, Halifax Dentist

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