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Our dental team at Robie Street Dental Centre offers Botox injections to our patients in Halifax.

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What is Botox?

This widely recognized brand of neuromodulating agents contains Botulinum Toxin, a purified protein with both cosmetic and therapeutic applications. 

During the Botox process, injections containing purified bacteria are introduced into the areas of concern to freeze muscle at the injection point. When Botox is injected into facial muscles, neurotoxins are released to prevent the muscles from contracting and help them to relax. 

At Robie Street Dental Centre, Dr. Atima Kamra is trained in both upper and lower face Botox treatments.

BOTOX, Halifax

Botox Treatment: What To Expect

Before Treatment

Before your treatment, we will address any questions or concerns you have to ensure your desired results are understood. 

Some have described Botox injections as a mild pinch, similar to the sensation of a bug bite. The injection is directed into the muscle under the skin. A very fine needle is used to help prevent bruising, swelling or pain.

After Treatment

It is important to avoid certain activities for the first several hours following your treatment. You must not lay down or bend your head for a sustained period of time. 

To avoid moving the Botox and affecting other muscles, do not touch or rub the treatment area. In rare circumstances, some people report experiencing headaches after a Botox injection.  

Botox FAQs

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