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Our dentists in Halifax will do everything to save the integrity of your smile. However, sometimes tooth extractions are necessary procedures to maintain oral health.

Extractions, Halifax Dentist

General Extractions/Tooth Removal

Why might I need a tooth removal/extraction?

Our dentists offer tooth removals/extractions, including wisdom teeth removal.

You may need a tooth removed if a tooth infection is damaging the surrounding bone or is causing you discomfort. Our dentsits will consult with you to determine whether or not an extraction is necessary

How does the removal procedure work?

We begin the procedure with a local anesthetic to make you feel comfortable during the appointment. We use dental tools to loosen the tooth from its socket before its removal.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Why might I need my wisdom teeth extracted?

Wisdom teeth are often removed if they affect your jaw, gums and/or teeth in the surrounding area. Impacted wisdom teeth are unable to fully erupt which can lead to bacteria and food getting trapped. This can lead to decay, infection and pain.

When should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

Every patient is different, so please consult your dentist if your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort.

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