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Dr. Kao knows that maintaining the health of your teeth is important. Read more about mouth guards and bite guards to protect your smile.

Bite Planes

Bite planes, also known as night guards, may be recommended to patients who are experiencing headaches and/or a sore jaw which are caused by teeth clenching and grinding.

Grinding teeth at night, also called bruxism, can lead to:

  • clicking or tenderness in your jaw joints
  • difficulty chewing
  • difficulty opening and closing your mouth
  • earaches or headaches
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • sore and stiff jaw muscles

How do dentists treat bruxism?

Understanding the source of your bruxism pain is important. Sometimes, symptoms can be relieved by stretching and relaxing muscles through certain exercises. Pain medication along with a bite guard may also be recommended to help relieve symptoms. A referral to a TMJ massage specialist is also a possible solution.

The bite plane, also known as splint therapy, will help you break the cycle of teeth clenching and grinding.

How do night guards help protect my teeth?

A night guard (also called a bite guard) helps by propping open your teeth and providing protection from direct wear. Grinding that occurs while you sleep will wear down the appliance instead of your teeth.

Mouth Guards

Why might my child or I need a custom mouth guard?

Mouth guards, also known as sports guards, are important to protect you or your children's teeth during sports activities. Patients as young as 5 years old can receive a mouth guard for protection.

We want to protect the smiles of you and your children. Since many sports use mouth guards, we recommend your child have a good, custom fit mouth guard. A custom fit will be more comfortable and provide you with the best protection so you can focus on your activities.

How are mouth guards made?

At Robie Street Dental Centre, we make a mouth guard that is custom to you or your child's teeth. We will take an impression of your teeth and send it to the lab to have it made just for you. After it is sent to the lab, you will be called back to pick up the guard, usually after two weeks.

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